We represent intended parent(s) and surrogates who are entering into gestational surrogacy, traditional surrogacy or preplanned adoption arrangements. Whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate, we will fully guide and advise you on your rights and obligations pursuant to Florida Law. We take our time to provide personal legal services tailored to your family.

Representation of Intended Parent(s)/Commissioning Couple(s)

When representing intended parent(s) using a traditional or gestational surrogate, we prepare the surrogacy or preplanned adoption contract and providing legal advice as the rights and responsibilities under the contract. We will be in direct contact with the surrogate’s attorney to negotiate any issues that may arise. After completion of the contract, we will issue legal clearance and any other documents necessary to your IVF physician so your journey can begin. Once you are pregnant (usually around 20 weeks), we will draft all necessary affidavits and legal documents and obtain a pre-birth order from the court that will approve the contact and detail the rights of the intended parent(s). We are then in contact with the hospital so make sure they are fully aware of the surrogacy process prior to birth. After birth, we will prepare all necessary legal documents and appear in court to obtain a final order affirming parentage. We will obtain a birth certificate for the child(ren) with the intended parent(s) names listed as parents. We can also assist in obtaining a passport for the child(ren), if necessary. We will take any steps necessary during your journey to assist the intended Parent(s) and to ensure parental rights are properly established.

Representation of Surrogate/Gestational Carrier

We represent traditional and gestational surrogates and their spouses. When representing the surrogate, we take the extra time to review the entire contract with the surrogate and ensure that the surrogate understands her rights and responsibilities under the contract. Surrogacy contracts are comprehensive and can be overwhelming for a surrogate. It is essential for a surrogate to be represented by an attorney who has expert knowledge of Florida Surrogacy Laws. During the review of the contract, we will make any changes to ensure that the surrogate is protected and comfortable with the terms. We will be in direct contact with the intended parent(s) attorney to finalize the terms of the agreement. We take all steps to ensure that the surrogate’s rights are fully protected.