Not all families are created equal. Some families require a gestational or traditional surrogate, egg donor and/or sperm donor to create their family. Modern technology has increased individuals’ ability to build a family and the State of Florida has specific laws that permit gestational surrogacy, traditional surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donation. In addition to being a surrogacy friendly state, Florida is equally friendly to same-sex couples and single parents utilizing surrogates and donors.

We provide personal and professional attention to all clients and are dedicated to assist individuals in building their families. We offer all services related to assisted reproduction law, including the drafting and review of surrogacy, preplanned adoption, egg, sperm, egg-sharing and embryo donation agreements. In addition to the legal contracts, we will finalize parental rights obtain all legal court orders and take all steps necessary to ensure that our client’s rights are protected.

We provide additional services tailored to the meet the needs of our client(s). Such services include Stepparent Adoptions, Second Parent Adoptions, Co-Parenting Agreements, Egg-Sharing Agreements, Relative Adoptions and any other legal representation necessary to establish parentage and protect the rights of our client(s).

Everyone deserves personal attention and Amy Eichman makes sure her clients have direct phone, text and email contact with her on a regular basis.